International German Show Jumping Championships

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The German Championship is postponed to 03.-06.12.2020!!


The concept and the evaluation for the German Show Jumping Championships are new and compact. This has become necessary to allow the national championship to take place at all, despite all the difficulties of the corona pandemic.


At the show, which will take place in the large event arena, international riders will be competing - as is usual in Riesenbeck. There will be joint classes, but in the end there will be German Champions (in the open classification and in the women’s classification), who had to compete with international top athletes on the way there. After coordination with national coach Otto Becker and the jumping committee, a new mode was agreed on for this show, which can also be easily followed in the media. Under the applicable Corona rules, viewers will not be able to follow the title fights on site as usual, but can watch the broadcast live on various channels.


Show director Karten Lütteken explains the date of the show: "The weekend has become free in the calendar because the World Cup show in Stuttgart has been canceled."