German Show Jumping Championships postponed to December

The International German Show Jumping Championships will take place at Riesenbeck International - at a later date! The national championships for women and men will be held from December 3rd to 6th, the mode and international participation will remain changed!

Host and organizer Ludger Beerbaum explains the reasons for the postponement from November to December: “We are all asked and rightly obliged to contribute to significantly reducing contacts for a month in order to reduce new corona infections. Even as top athletes, we stand by our social responsibility. ”The national association, which was involved in the discussion about a postponement, also agrees with the solution. Soenke Lauterbach, the general secretary of the German Equestrian Association, says: "The FN supports this decision!"

The organizer of Riesenbeck International also wants to meet the great wish of many of his riding colleagues to offer this tournament. “Among other things, it is about maintaining training operations. This includes riding the horses under tournament conditions. The organization of the German Championships is intended to make a conscious contribution to not breaking the rhythm of the competition on the way to international competitions and championships for horses and riders in 2021, ”says Ludger Beerbaum. He is sure of the support of the national association.

Now the tournament is to take place from December 3rd to 6th in the indoor arena at the Surenburg. With a strict safety concept and, as Ludger Beerbaum hopes, "numbers of infections that have been significantly reduced by then, which allow us to hold a good and safe championship!"