New paperless dressage judging procedure at Riesenbeck International

Riesenbeck International is becoming even more modern: at the German Youth Championships for Dressage Riders 2020, paperless judging procedure is being used for the first time, which was developed by Sebastian Golubski, a long-time member of staff of the equestrian center.


Karsten Lütteken, managing director of Ludger Beerbaum's facility and tournament director, is enthusiastic about this new system. “The procedure is self-explanatory for the judges. Instead of sheets of paper, the assistant who sit next to the judge uses an iPad and a pen and fill in the notes in the prepared tables. In a matter of seconds, on-site viewers or, in times of Corona, viewers on can view the results. This is a fast, digital and modern aspect that is good for dressage sport in general. "


As with all strategic directions and plans that the Riesenbeck International team is pursuing for the future, this innovation in dressage judging also fits into the picture. Lütteken explains: "With the judging procedure, which we are using for the first time this weekend at the German Youth Championships, we are already at the level that will be required as a standard in the future by the International Equestrian Federation." So the judges can also rely on it - should once the internet connection fails during a tournament - that the data is saved on a local data carrier. Both the riders and the judges receive their protocols by email and are thus able to have facts available in the follow-up examination.


Dr. Dietrich Plewa, chief judge of the first evaluation test for young riders, was full of praise: “There is nothing to complain about. The system is pleasant to use, it is very fast, works absolutely without problems. ”He also sees an advantage for the organizers because it“ saves one assistant per judge. ”