Close collaboration agreed between Riesenbeck International and Frank Rothenberger

The construction site of Riesenbeck International is buzzing with activity and the course is set for the future. The decision makers of the equestrian sports centre have come to an agreement with Frank Rothenberger and his company CARO which Ludger Beerbaum likes: "We thus ensure that we always have the latest and best obstacles; this is a great advantage for the training seminars as well as for the horse shows." The actives are to benefit as early as during the pre-opening starting horse show in January 2015.


In future, CARO shall ensure that the best obstacle material is available and thus allow Frank Rothenberger, who always has his own customers as one of the best jumping course designers in the world, to use Riesenbeck International as a practical "showroom".


But that is not all; the equestrian centre also attaches particular importance to the further education of riders and up-and-coming jumping course designers. "We are assembling a pool of people who construct the jumping courses at the horse shows held here - this shall happen in the context of seminars", says Frank Rothenberger. As a "FEI Level-4"- jumping course designer, the man from Bünde in Westphalia has one of the very few licenses worldwide to construct the sophisticated courses such as the World Cup Final, European and World Championships as well as the Olympic Games. He wants to pass on his experience collected throughout decades. Rothenberger hereby receives support from his colleague, Stefan Wirth, a FEI "Level 3" course designer. Every year, Stefan Wirth conducts seminars throughout the world; he participated in the development of the new FEI training system. Both are also "FEI Course Directors"; they are authorised to conduct FEI seminars and are thus predestined to take care of the training and further education of jumping course directors at Riesenbeck International.


"This is a rewarding cooperation for both parties", Ludger Beerbaum is sure. During the next years, he wants to expand Riesenbeck International to a centre where knowledge and know-how in all sections of the equestrian sport are passed on. Beerbaum's wish: "Here, we want to give impulses to the equestrian sport."





The company in today's configuration exists since 1980 and has specialist expertise in the development and production of equestrian obstacles which are produced entirely in Germany. Today, CARO has developed to one of the world’s leading suppliers. Further information is available at:


Riesenbeck International

As shareholders, Constantin Baron Heereman and Ludger Beerbaum have founded the project Riesenbeck International, an innovative international equestrian sports centre with connection to the existing equestrian association. Two riding halls with riding areas of 40 m x 80 m and 25 m x 60 m are currently under construction. The two new riding halls are incorporated into the existing tournament area of the equestrian association. Thus, Riesenbeck offers optimal options for equestrian sporting events with the existing large lawn area, sand arenas and the associated 4-star Park Hotel as at 2015.