The sand stadium taking shape

In May of this year, with great support from friends and partners, we were able to make the decision to expand the equestrian center at the Surenburg by two large sand jumping areas. While the first arena could be built very quickly and then used as a warm-up in two CSI weeks and finally as a competition place for the German Youth Championship, we had to be patient for the second. The building permit stipulated that the hedges could only be removed in November, a final settlement had to be found with the Riesenbeck riding club and, last but not least, we didn't want to have a huge construction site on the site for the CSI3*/German Championship in December. But after all aspects were taken care of, building work started!


Immediately after the German championships, the excavators moved in and prepared everything. By the short Christmas break the dimensions of the new “sand stadium” were clearly visible. Because some of the fixtures in the previous riding arenas had to be removed and significantly more earthworks has to be done, this construction is significantly more complex than that of the first sand arena. If the winter doesn’t give us an unexpected “thwart”, we plan to be ready by the beginning of March and then start the green season 2021 with an additional 7,000 m2 tournament area.