Ludger Beerbaum and Baron Constantin Heereman are building Horse Riding Centre

Baron Constantin Heereman and Ludger Beerbaum have joined as business partners and have developed a project that may well generate buzz within the horse riding community. Riesenbeck International, an innovative International Horse Riding Centre closely connected to the local riding club will open the doors by the end of this year.


For this purpose and in addition to the existing large grass competition arena and several sand arenas two new indoor arenas with riding areas of 80m x 40m and 60m x 25m are being built in Riesenbeck. Next to Surenburg Castle and Ludger Beerbaum Stables, with a four star hotel on site, this will create great opportunities for hosting horse riding events and championships at all levels.


"The original idea was to build one or two indoor arenas to enhance training conditions during the winter months", Ludger Beerbaum remembers. Together with Baron Philipp Heereman, son of Constantin and President of Riesenbeck Horse Riding and Driving Association he then developed the concept of establishing an international horse riding centre. "It's a win-win situation", Baron Philipp Heereman explains. "In the morning and in the afternoon the indoor arenas will be used for training by Ludger Beerbaum's professional riding team. In the evening members of Riesenbeck Riding Club may enhance their riding skills by using the new facilities." Moreover, everybody will gain extremely from seminars and clinics offered by top professionals from around the world at Riesenbeck International in the near future. "All this will uniquely create synergy and harness high class transnational interaction", Heereman says.


Over decades Riesenbeck Horse Riding and Driving Association has gained reputation by hosting national horse driving championships as well as organising world championships for 4-in-Hand Driving. "The enhanced organisational skills and experience now will be pooled and applied to hosting horse riding competitions at all levels and in all categories", four times Olympic Champion Ludger Beerbaum claims certainly keeping his eye on show jumping. "What matters is success, and I am looking forward to devoting my many years' experience to Riesenbeck International thus facilitating classic riding and innovative horsemanship." It is exciting that not only members of Riesenbeck Riding Club can profit from these close links to Ludger Beerbaum's team, their highly professional horse riding skills and their successful presentation on international championships.