German Champion with a broken leg - Michael Brauchle sees himself on the right track despite the handicap - Another victory for Gerrit Nieberg in the Show Jumping Grand Prix

"Riesenbeck is Riesenbeck. That really says it all! "The new German champion of four-in-hand drivers says," Anyone who comes to Aachen knows what awaits him in Aachen ". The same applies to Riesenbeck: "It's great here. The conditions, the organization, the conditions of the obstacles. Just everything". Nevertheless, the 29-year-old driver, who was already European champion in 2015 and also German champion, was glad that the tournament is finally over. Because: "Tomorrow I will spend on the sofa and not move a meter." The reason was a bitter accident two weeks ago at the tournament in Valkenswaard, when the carriage tipped over in the marathon and buried the driver under it.

Brauchle now drives with broken fibula, broken tibia and broken cruciate ligament. "It's alright, I'm tough enough," he says bravely. But he admits that he has real pain and tries to make the most of it with ice cubes and painkillers.


Brauchle himself did not think that he would become German champion again by sending Georg von Stein (Modautal) and Anna Sandmann (Lähden) to second and third place. "The Chef d’Equipe needed a result before Aachen. He’s got it now! "
Despite the adverse circumstances, the four-in-hand driver sees himself on the very best way back to the top. "I had two difficult years, but now I’m on my way up again!" With the mix of new and experienced horses in the team he wants to go back to the top. His goals for this year: participation in the CHIO Aachen and at the European Championships in Donaueschingen. After all that, the leg then needs to be operated on.


In the international ranking, the junior of a Dutch four-in-hand driver dynasty triumphed on his first start in Riesenbeck: Bram Chardon, son of five times world champion Ijsbrand Chardon. The 25-year-old former pony world champion combines talent, diligence and has generous financial support from. Bram immediately put his father into second place and the reigning team and vice world champion, Chester Weber (USA), in third place.
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Three disciplines – One Show - that was the motto of the event, which once again had much more to offer than top-class sports. The surroundings are worth a visit. On the edge of the Surenburg Forest, which radiates a unique tranquility with its lush green trees, the spectators can move freely on the complex of Riesenbeck International. Children play on the lawn around the stadium, listen to the author reading in the Academy Ring or watch shows – with ponies and some with dogs. Meanwhile, the sports fans follow the internationally renowned four-in-hand, follow the dressage in the indoor arena with all big doors wide open or sit in the shade at the grass stadium and watch the action in show jumping. You meet under the big screen on the marketplace to eat. On Friday night a band played live music. Many participants agree that this event spreads a calm atmosphere in the otherwise hectic tournament routine.
And - or perhaps because of that - good sport was offered by the two- and four-legged players.


Once again, Toni Haßmann (Lienen) was able to win three classes, thus increasing the number to more than 600 victories in his career. He will try to top that even further at the Grand Prix of Surenburg - in Memoriam Baron Constantin Heereman on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday night at the final of the medium tour he was the only one with no faults and won the class with Call Me Diva.


The 1.45 m main class on Sunday saw 17 riders in the jump-off. With just one more rider to go, Katrin Eckermann showed her best and was fast with Ca va bien (0 / 41.21). But last year's winner Gerrit Nieberg (Münster) as the last starter, was even faster. He won again with his proven mare Quibelle de la Coeur (0 / 40.58) and was celebrated by the audience. In his home tournament Ludger Beerbaum rode for the 11-year-old Canturo son Camargo, who was previously being trained by Luciana Diniz, for the first time. He took seventh place after a perfect round in the jump-off.


In the Dressag Grand Prix and in the Free Style of the U25-year-old rider Bianca Nowag (Ostbevern) once again won on her Sir Hohenstein.

National coach Sebastian Heinze was able to gather important information after the performances of his protégés. The tournament served as an official sighting before the upcoming European Championships end of July in San Giovanni (Italy). Heinze: "We found very good conditions here and had the opportunity to watch the riders over three tests. It was also important that they went the freestyle. "
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