FEI Seminar for Course designers

The past three weeks we welcomed international guests in Riesenbeck. But it was not about an international show, it was about a FEI course. Overall 36 participants came to Riesenbeck International to improve their knowledge about course designing. Most of them had a long journey to Riesenbeck. They came for example from Spain, France, Kuwait, Morocco or Canada.
One could qualify for two different levels in the English-speaking courses.
The level 1 course is for beginners and concentrates on the basis of course designing. If one successfully passed the exam at the end of the course, one can work as an assistant course designer on international shows.
Whether the own national federation offers an FEI accepted course, you can start with a Level 2 course. After Level 2, one is allowed to work as a course designer on elected international shows.
Moreover, the course instructors Stefan Wirth, Rob Jansen and Frank Rothenberger stayed some more days. They also offered a refresher course. Once in three years a course designer has to participate in this course. But maybe it was some more relaxing, because there is no exam after the course.

We are glad to welcome some prospective course designers next year again!