Welcome to the Longines World Equestrian Academy, where President Ludger Beerbaum leads a global hub for equestrian education. Since 2016, the LWEA has been dedicated to promoting showjumping worldwide, with a special focus on Asia. 

At LWEA, the mission extends beyond just enhancing showjumping skills. The academy is committed to providing a comprehensive equestrian education, covering topics such as horse management, feeding, health and more. Through clinics and programs, riders not only improve their riding abilities but also gain valuable knowledge about caring for and understanding horses. The LWEA is based in Riesenbeck, Germany where once a year a summer camp is held. Furthermore the LWEA offers home clinics where the coach is giving clinics abroad.  

The LWEA welcomes everyone who strives for excellence in becoming a better showjumper and horseman! 

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