The Longines Global Champions Tour returns to Riesenbeck from July 18 to 21

May 29. 2024

The Longines Global Champions Tour returns to Riesenbeck from July 18 to 21

Spectators can look forward to world-class sport and a very special atmosphere - The best young show jumpers from Germany compete for championship titles


What can spectators expect at the only leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) and Global Champions League (GCL) in Germany, which will once again take place in the tranquil Münsterland region? Here, the huge grass stadium is surrounded by a centuries-old forest, a historic moated castle is in the immediate vicinity, everything is far removed from the usual glamor of St. Tropez, the cosmopolitan flair of Paris or the hustle and bustle of the English metropolis of London. Instead, the top riders are very close to the visitors, strolling along the same paths to the sales and food stands, lingering at the edge of the warm-up areas and signing autographs.


Ticket sales are already underway. On Thursday, the opening day, admission is free. There are two new covered grandstands and the prices are essentially the same as last year. 



“We can't compete with the attributes of the other glamorous stages of the Tour. And we don't want to,” says host Ludger Beerbaum, who together with Constantin Freiherr Heereman laid the foundations for the future of equestrian sport in Riesenbeck nine years ago. What the organizers in Münsterland can offer and for which they are praised worldwide: excellent conditions in the various riding and training arenas, ultra-modern spacious stables for the horses, modern infrastructure for the teams in the background, a grass stadium with floodlights and an audience that understands equestrian sport and can enjoy its fascination. 


“When the Longines Global Champions Tour comes to us from July 18 to 21, we offer world-class sport for spectators who come from a horse region. We welcome breeders, riders, equestrian sport professionals and people who are directly connected to horses or just want to enjoy the harmony of man and animal,” says show director Karsten Lütteken. “Following on from the highlights of previous years, our philosophy and aspiration is to offer a special tournament every season that we put all our energy into.”

The Riesenbeck team believes in show jumping as a real team sport and the excitement it brings to the Global Champions League. “We have our own Team Riesenbeck International, which gives its all in the 15 stages from weekend to weekend to collect points. We have already won the overall title twice. This season got off to a bumpy start for us, but we're trying to make up points by the time we get to our home tournament. “

For the four-time Olympic show jumping champion, the promotion of up-and-coming riders is also an invaluable advantage of the world's most highly endowed series. Every team in the Global Champions League has a young rider under the age of 25 “under its wing”. This support is also the reason why the German Championships for U25 riders are being held in Riesenbeck for the second time - at the same time as the Longines Global Champions Tour. Here, the international teams can take a look at the German talents.

On Thursday and Friday, the best U-25 riders from Germany will compete in their first competitions on the sand arena. The final will then take place on Saturday in the grass stadium under floodlights.


Karsten Lütteken also raves about the format of the team competition, the Global Champions League: “There are no simpler rules in any show jumping series.” At the eleventh leg, the home tournament of the Riesenbeck International team, he is counting on full support from the spectators - similar to soccer - to ensure a “home game atmosphere” in the Riesenbeck grass stadium.

Of course, this is especially true for the highlight on Sunday afternoon, the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Riesenbeck. The local heroes Christian Kukuk, Philipp Weishaupt and Eoin McMahon are hoping to be at the top of the podium there, as Harrie Smolders from the Netherlands did last year!


Preliminary program: https://riesenbeck-international.com/lgct/programm/

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