New team name for Ludger Beerbaum and his riders

February 17. 2023

"Riesenbeck International" - will now start in the Global Champions League


"Now it's official, our team for the Global Champions League is called Riesenbeck International," Ludger Beerbaum is pleased to announce. The team boss of the group of six, which again wants to win the overall title in the most highly endowed series in show jumping like last year, does not have to adjust to new colleagues. "Four riders from my stable will again be competing under the new team name: Eoin McMahon, Philipp Weishaupt, Christian Kukuk and myself. In addition, Jane Richard from Switzerland and the U-25 rider Philipp Schulze-Topphoff will also be competing again," said Ludger Beerbaum.

Last year, this team - still under the name Berlin Eagles - was able to take the highly endowed overall title after 15 stages worldwide and also win fourth place and thus additional 500,000 euros in prize money in the GCL Super Cup in Prague. "After it became clear that there would no longer be a leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour in Berlin, we made an effort to ride under a new name," Ludger Beerbaum explained. That worked and so there will be a real home match this year.


Because it is now certain that there will be two premieres to celebrate. Firstly, the team name Riesenbeck International, and secondly, the first and only German leg of the Global Champions Tour, which will be held at the Riesenbeck International riding facility at the Surenburg from June 21 to 23. "This is a very special incentive for us," says Philipp Weishaupt. "We already put our focus very strongly on the series last year, really intensively occupied ourselves with it and prepared. Now, as a team and home team, we want to give everything to make sure that we are once again at the top and represent our region well internationally."

Karsten Lütteken, Managing Director of the equestrian center Riesenbeck International, sees a new dimension in marketing and international perception. "Riesenbeck has hosted international championships several times in recent years. Now we are in a row with venues like Miami, Paris, Monaco, London and New York. This is already a special honor and we are looking forward to welcoming many international guests in Münsterland and at the same time to be able to represent the horse region of Westphalia all over the world with our professional team."

As team sponsor, Riesenbeck International is supported by the Scandinavian equestrian outfitter Kingsland.

All  teams will compete in 15 stages of the Longines Global Champions Tour and Global Champions League worldwide in 2023. There are minor changes in the regulations that will make the series even more transparent for the public. After the completion of the 15th regular stage, the season finale will take place in Prague as in previous years with the play-offs.


Further information at: www.gcglobalchampions.com