Reception in the park of the moated castle Surenburg - A dreamlike evening

July 22. 2023

Reception in the park of the moated castle Surenburg - A dreamlike evening


The families of Philipp Freiherr von Heereman and Ludger Beerbaum hosted a reception in the park of Wasserschloss Surenburg to mark the opening of the Longines Global Champions Tour tournament. During the day there was fantastic sport, followed by a downpour, which was waited out in the kitchen by the attending guests of the extremely thoughtful host Philipp Freiherr von Heereman, and then in the evening a feast of superlatives.


The park's ancient beech and oak trees have seen many a celebration. In the evening, they - as well as the castle in the background - were specially wrapped in a festive robe of light. The whole thing was accompanied by a cover band that even made the daughter of "Boss" Bruce Spingsteen, Jessica, sway along - while her father rocked the masses in Hockenheim at the same time.


 Attentive staff ensured that the glasses were always full and treated the guests to a flying three-course menu. One had the impression that everyone was enjoying the moment, rejoicing with the organizers over the wonderful moment and the great response to the event.


Among the invited guests there were numerous celebrities. Of course, the full German riders and Team Riesenbeck International, then international colleagues.


Jan Tops, founder of the Longines Global Champions Tour, enjoyed a relaxed evening with wife Edwina Tops-Alexander. Athina Onassis enjoyed the evening as well.

The ten auction foals of the Westphalian Stud Book, which were for sale on Saturday evening, made a surprise appearance on the lush green lawn. Presented at a walk, they attracted the attention of some interested parties among the illustrious guests. Duke von Croy, master of Germany's only wild horse herd, the Dülmen Wild Horses, also took a close look.


Baron von Heereman referred in his (English) address to the helpful sturdy footwear after a rain so important for the forest. Some lady in dainty pumps and slippers would have liked to know that beforehand.  "We are happy, happy to have you here!" , was the lived motto of the night. In the middle of the castle garden, the bar became the meeting place of the night owls.